Steven Tyler - Love is your name

I noticed recently that musician, Steve Tyler has some new music out.  It’s a country album no less.

A single was recently released.

The video seems to have the classic cheesy stereotypes of a new country song.

The piece of straw, the outfits, the young girl, etc.

At first I was a bit underwhelmed.  I even did a little eye roll to myself.

Apparently, turning country is still the trendy thing to do.

Many decades ago, I remember vividly hearing his songs as the lead singer in the legendary rock band Aerosmith.

This was a time when they still played music over the AM radio.

Aerosmith’s sound, with Tyler’s flamboyant style and vocal range, stood out.  They were different, they rocked and I liked them.

With these initial images burned in my mind, I have trouble processing shifting to a new paradigm.

Change is rarely a comfortable for me.

Different ideas, approaches and images feel odd at first.

Like a transplanted organ, the body’s first impulse is to reject it.

He’s 67 years old.

Shouldn’t he be off playing “Dream on” to the growing throngs of social security recipients in a Florida casino somewhere?

He’s apparently worth over $100 million.  Shouldn’t he be enjoying his wealth as an eccentric old classic rocker?

Then it strikes me.

He’s 67 years old.

Will I look that good at his age?  (surgically aided or not)

Will I have his energy?  His vitality?

More importantly, his ability and courage to change and adapt?

The song may not be his best, but I do appreciate his willingness to try new things and put himself “out there” over and over again.

I’ll keep trying to resist the impulse to want things to stay the same.

Few things in life ever do

and what fun would a world without change be anyway?

Be well.


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