Sometimes simple = powerful

Tie shoes

One primitive lesson I learned over twenty five years ago still sticks with me to this day.

It was the way I was tying my shoes.

I was doing it wrong.

What an “aha!” moment it was.  After I learned the better way, the quality of my life went up (albeit small) and I had one less thing to worry about.

If I were asked to provide a tip to others, the topic would not have entered my mind.

Perhaps I thought it was so simple that everyone knew this already.

Perhaps I thought it was too short and sweet.  Not “meaty” enough.

Perhaps it would be just too embarrassing for someone so educated to share something so uncomplicated.

Or perhaps I thought this should be left to others (e.g. parents, elementary school teachers).  Someone else should do it.

Yet, we all tie our shoes.

Most of us (certainly me) have experienced the frustration of having them untie on us or look disheveled.

Back in 2005, Terry Moore decided to share this in a presentation at a TED conference.

The length of the presentation?  Only about 3 minutes.

It now has over 4.5 million views.

Sometimes the simplest advice can have a powerful impact.

Going forward, I will be less afraid to share what I’ve learned.  I won’t assume that others have or should have done this already.

If I get criticized for being too basic or obvious, I’ll look down and see how they tie their shoes.

Be well.


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