Mortality S*cks!

Infinity q x equals 1

Death is a moving experience in so many ways.

I’ve had an uncle pass away recently.  He’s a good man and was loved by many.

Growing up, I always remembered him as the young and vibrant one.  He played baseball and I’m sure other sports back in the day.  He had a big heart and it was heartwarming to hear all of the stories and recalling all those memories again.

Diabetes and other ailments took their toll over the years.  He apparently spent the last years of his life really battling them.  I’m sorry he and his family had to go through that.

After the funeral I found myself wondering so many things.

  • How did this passage of time happen so quickly?
  • Why had I not stayed in touch with more of my family members (and more often)?
  • Why do I always enjoy the fellowship of getting together with family and friends, yet it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like?
  • Why does it take the passing of a loved one for me to make these assessments?

Sound familiar?

To this day, I sometimes take things for granted.

I assume that certain family & friends will be around.  I assume that we can get together sometime and that sometime is soon, just around the corner.  I assume that things will stay pretty much as they are.

I assume that I will be around for a while, and my health will remain good.

Yet, none of these assumptions are ones I should be making.  In fact, it seems pretty obvious given the overwhelming evidence of events happening around me each and every day.   Yet, it seems so easy to sometimes get distracted and lose this perspective.

These events give me those gentle reminders that I indeed have a limited time on this earth.   I will seek out abundance now and not wait to make it happen.  It’s my job to do all I can to make my contribution, however modest, and make the world a better place as a result.

I have no idea how long I have but It will not be forever.

Oh, and about that picture.

It’s what’s called actuarial notation.  “q” is the probability of death. “x” is age.  Infinity is the time horizon.

It basically is saying that the probability of death for everyone is ultimately 100% over the long run.

I don’t have to like death when it happens. But I get it, it will.  I have a lot left to do so I’d better get on with it.

Rest in peace Uncle Billy.

Be well.


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