A bad day

A bad day

Did you ever have a bad day?

As we are making our way through a particularly snowy winter here in the northeast, I go into work and prepare myself for another day at the office. The normal challenges and opportunities present themselves. Progress and success in certain areas, failures and backtracking in others.

Occasionally I catch myself focusing a little to much on the negative side of things.

Then something happens to put things into perspective.

I sign on to a conference call. One of my colleagues who should be attending in person dials in from his car on his cell phone. He explains that he has been stuck for the last few hours on the PA turnpike after a major traffic accident. He was not directly involved or hurt but there were dozens of other cars involved. The call finishes. Later I hear that he doesn’t ultimately make it out of there for hours. Basically, he and his fellow motorists spend most of the day on the highway.

He sent us this picture of the scene.

When ever I start slipping into a downward slope of negativity, I hope I’ll think of those who are really less fortunate.

Someone, for example, who was just in an accident; injured, hanging upside down in a wrecked car, hoping to be rescued, thinking about their life and their family.

Wishing that they had my problems.

When I think about it, I really don’t have too many bad days.


2 thoughts on “A bad day

  1. I have a neighbor. She is 32 years old and has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. She has 2 young sons ages 2 and 4. She has a Pink Ribbon flag hanging off her fro. nt porch. Whenever I think I’m having a bad, that flag is a reminder of how blessed I am. Great post today. We all need reminding of how good our lives really are.

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