Embracing failure

Embracing failure

Doing something new is tough.

How does one muster up the strength and courage?
What pushed me over the top to take action and do things differently?

In American baseball, failure is understood to be a part of the game. A truly outstanding hitter fails 70% of the time.

In the private equity world, investing in start ups has a remarkably high failure rate. Deciding to fund a new enterprise has to be made with an understanding that, even for the smartest investor, the mostly likely outcome will be that the company will go under.

But then there are the successes.

Those rare triumphs that produce such extraordinarily high returns that it makes it all worthwhile.

It’s magic when it happens. So gratifying and fulfilling that it’s intoxicating.

These happen, in part, because of persistence and fortitude.

In writing I’m doing more research about Ernest Hemingway. (I’ve been told that I write “tightly” and not to take it as a criticism because that’s how he wrote. I didn’t know what that really meant.)

Hemingway is one of the best writers of our time. Yet, the number of works that will stand the test of time are about the same as a great baseball players’ hitting percentage. I’m told the same is true for Shakespeare.

Failure is all around us. It’s a part of the process. I don’t see how it can be avoided.

So I won’t.

My new work, posts and research may fail more often than not;

and that’s ok.

That’s what prompted me to get started.


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