I vote every day

Did you vote yesterday?

How did it make you feel?

Does it sometimes feel like your vote didn’t “count”?  Or perhaps like it doesn’t have the influence that it should?  Or could?

It was what enlightening when I realized that there are things I am doing each day that have more influence on my community and my world.   That activity has a much larger influence than the few short minutes that I spend in a voting booth each year.

Each day I vote, with my wallet.

Whatever I spend my money on will support and grow that endeavor, for better or worse.

When I voting with my money, I try to answer these types of questions:

Who am I supporting when I buy this good or service?  What are their core beliefs?

How do I feel about where I am spending my money (i.e. what I’m voting for)?

What do my spending (voting) habits say about my belief system and who I am?

I try to take a few minutes each week or month to examine my spending patterns.   I find it enlightening.

If I look at my spending habits and can honestly say that I’m proud of my record, I say congratulations & well done!

If not, I try not to be too judgmental or harsh on myself.  The awakening is part of the fun!  It’s also quite empowering.

We have a lot more power than we may think.

Vote wisely my friends!


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